Time Slips

Lerina Garcia: Did She Wake Up In Another Universe?

“I think I jumped into a parallel universe…” Lerina Garcia posted her comment on July 16, 2008, in response to an article about the possibility of multiple universes. She said she was 41 years old, and had experienced something so bizarre, so inexplicable, that she…
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Phasing through time

My name is Susan O. I am 52 years old and in reasonably good health both physically and mentally. I experienced a recent incident that I described to my family as a sort of phasing through time. Here are all the facts, both objective and…
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Walked Into the Past

On March 15, 2011 at 3:15 in afternoon I got into my car back of my new law office and started car to go pick up grandchild at 3:25 for her piano practice. I then turned off car and got out to go into my…
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